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展覧会場 2006
    grand prize


    ■ Zeljko Blace


    Zeljko Blace (b.1976 Capljina, Bosnia & Herzegovina) curator, researcher and artist. As of 1995 until 2005 works professionally in Zagreb, Croatia where he was a co-founder of Multimedia Institute (1999.), later working as coordinator of public programs in net.culture club MaMa and coordinator of international projects for Multimedia Institute (executive board member for 3 years). As a professional in media culture and digital arts contributed to cultural programs of the national radio and TV programs, wrote for ICT magazines as well as cultural bi-weekly newspaper Zarez. Published internationally in publications: UMELEC (Czech Republic), SPRINGERIN (Austria), RAM4 reader (Finland) & NICE newspaper (Latvia).

    Exhibited as visual/media artist and performed as VJ with electro-acoustic-glitch duo from Zagreb - Jeanne Fremaux. Participated as speaker/presenter at international media art events including: Ars Electronica Festival, Net Congestion, Next 5 Minutes 4, Transmediale, Ping In Progress, Money Nations II, ncc48, NEURO... Organized large scale international events in Croatia: week (Labin, Sept2000), Art ServersUnlimited 2 (Labin, Sept2001), "Critical Upgrade!" (Zagreb, May2002) and Next 5 Minutes - tactical media events (Dubrovnik and Vis, 2003). Was a member of international editorial board for Next 5 Minutes 4, festival of tactical media in 2003 Amsterdam.

    Curated GenArt exhibition (May 2002) for program of Co-curated ehibition runtimeART with Andreas Broeckmann in Zagreb (June 2004) and Split (September 2004). Curated and produce Silent*Observers Exhibition on streaming media and observation practices in Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, Croatia (September 2005). Currently researching hybridisation of net & broadcast media, net streaming, participatory media and phenomena of clustered creativity.

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