Flicker Light Studio is an ever changing collection of 150+ pages of Art and writings by Tom Repasky. Unique, original digital Art. Visual, colorful 3d images blending the organic and abstract with color, shape, texture, and light, and a collection of unique, original, visionary, imaginative poems, stories, and quotes.

A new gallery will be installed June 23. New stories and quotes will also be added.

Major changes monthly. 'Weekly tweeking' all made possible though obsession.

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Artist Biography

Tom Repasky was born to an Ohio farm family in 1949. He entered a seminary when he was 13

years old with the intention of becoming a Catholic priest. That year, however, he died as a result

of falling off a cliff, and his perception of life was irrevocably altered. After leaving the seminary,

finishing high school, and being expelled from Kent State University three times, Tom moved to

Los Angeles and entered the "Monastery" (the field of electronics in the 1960's). He moved to

Portland, Oregon in 1974, where he has made his home and continues to work as an electronics


After his death experience, Tom's perception of himself and of physical "reality" changed

drastically. He awoke to a kaleidoscopic world of changing energy patterns formed and shaped

by the intellect of the "God Machine" known as humanity. Tom's art is a manifestation of his

inner drive to explain the spectrum of spiritual reality in a visual format; hence his fascination with

the interplay between light and shadow, color and form. Tom began painting with acrylics in the

early seventies, moving to the digital medium in the early nineties. Using the computer to

manipulate reality variables has opened a versatile and fascinating genre of expression to him. He

has produced a prolific body of work in the last four years, and his images are an outpouring of

his unique view of the Universe Within.

For those who asked I have a list of pieces and their price on the Flicker Light Studio page . The pieces offered will be limited edition . Once the edition is sold, prints will no longer be available for sale. Please ask about other pieces.

Of Absolute Value

Some say there are no absolutes

Some say there are innumerable truths

I say it doesn't matter

You are absolutely here

And that's the truth

Sites that have my Art displayed

(or in process of doing so)

Raindance Gallery Portland Oregon 503-224-4020 June 19 1996

A- Z Graphics Artists


@EZine a Real Nice publication


The Internet Arts Museum for FREE

The Blue Window Gallery

40 Degrees North Virtual Gallery

Some of my Art will appear on a CD from Il museo che non c'e' - The Museum Which Does Not Exist

Boardtown Gallery

The Massurrealist Society International

Artists friends at Media Link and Graphics Exchange

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