Comment from the artist

The version of my entry which I prefer is seen by accessing 'mac.html' on a Netscape Navigator browser (preferrably version 3.1) with the 'RealSpace' plug-in on a Macintosh. (The only VRML 2.0 browser currently available for Macintoshes is 'RealSpace', which uses the VRML language, but whose files end in the '.ivr' extension rather than '.wrl', and whose MIME-type is i-world/i-vrml)
You may access the 'RealSpace' plug-in at:

I have included a PC version of the same file: 'pc.htm', which is best viewed with the Cosmo Player plugin for Netscape Navigator on a Windows95 PC.
Both files describe the same VRML world, so please use whichever is most convenient for you.

Enter here(mac.html)
Enter here(pc.htm)