Comment from the artist

Technical Details:
VRML 2.0
VRML BROWSER, SGI Cosmo 3a only

Conceptual Approach:-
The piece was designed to consider a number of issues:
graphic identity of Japan,
its strength and yet gentility.
The way Japan looks to the future despite obstacles
and may provide novel technological solutions to enhance life.

How it works:-
At rest, at night the houses/units lower to just above the water.
to provide shelter for individual family units.
During the day the shields lift off to act as satellite recievers and to let light flow into the homes.

The 'yuriko star' raises itself to allow fresh air in, and a view of the mountains.
At this height the units merge to allow group living for the large family and for visitors.
Entry and exit to the units is made from the beach when the satellite arm lowers and acts as a walkway.

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