When I carefully gather ideological garbage, aesthetic waste and other psychological excrements of modern civilisation, put them together to a beautiful bouquet and then present it to some festival's jury to receive approving smiles in return, I realise that something must be wrong. The severe judges dressed in black gowns and white wigs are either spellbound with mesmerising passes of a wandering magician or they consciously neglect really talented artists that merge miraculous youthfully acid images of psychedelic diapason into streaming pictures. "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!" - used to say the nervous prince Hamlet who tried to fit the surrounding reality by mimicry and pretending insane. However I am grateful to everybody who shared my point of view (or took the opposite one, which is after all the same) by awarding me with the Grand Prix. And I certainly wish to thank Julia Shipilova for helping me to accomplish this project and Nikolai Klimeniouk, whose nice English made him not merely a translator of my texts but rather my co-author.


tel./fax: **7-095-2743921
ICQ: 12572657

- 1954 born in Moscow
- graduated from Moscow Physics Engineering Institute (1977)
- and Moscow Polygraphic Academy (art faculty, 1989)
- as of 1991 member of artist’s union Berlin (BBK Berlin)
- 1996 - EMARE stipendium at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Germany
- 1998 - first prize at DADANET festival, Moscow
works currently in Moscow and Berlin (literature, poetry, graphic, design, performance, videoart, netart)

Personal exibitions:
Gallery Dead Chickens Warehouse, 1991, Berlin
Gallery Invalidenstr. 31, 1992, Berlin
"30 plots from the russian history", gallery Doelberg, 1994, Berlin
"On the day of victory", art-cafe Aufsturz, 1995, Berlin

"Basin Moskva", 27.05.94, Moscow
"Budeny’s three day war", 31.03-2.04.95, Moscow
"The red flag above Reichstag", 8.05.95, Berlin
"Ritual murder of Adolf Hitler", 11.05.95, Berlin
"Happy birthday, death!", 4.08.95, Moscow

"30 plots from the russian history", 1994, publisher of Humboldt university, Berlin (Russian, German)
"Mental isotherm of January", 1995 in: Basin Moskva, 1995, ibid (Russian)
"On the day of victory", 1995, ibid (personal exibition catalogue, German)
"On the day of victory", 1995, in: festival publication OSTranenie’95,  Dessau (German, English)
"The talk with an angel",  in: culture magazine "Sleipnir" Nr.6, 1995, Berlin (German)
"Harry, Marquis de Sade and Peter the Great", 1996, in: art magazine "Chudoshestvennaya volya", Sankt Petersburg (Russian)
"It’s time to compose an anti-utopia", 1996, in: "Nesavisimaya gaseta" (Russian)
"Maked up stories", in: "Via Regia" (Erfurt, Germany) Nr.4, 1997 (German)
"Ausgedachte Geschichten", in: "Sklaven" (Berlin), Nr.32/33, 1997 (German)

"God with us", 1994, VHS, b/w, 10 min. ( special recognition at OSTRANENIE'95, Bauhaus Dessau, Germany)
"Budeny’s three day war ", 1995, VHS PAL, 11min.
"The 8th May of 1995", VHS PAL, 7 min
"Cockroach races", 1996, S-VHS PAL, 34 min.
"Terminator III", 1996, VHS PAL, 4 min
"Superhuman musik", S-VHS PAL, 1 min
"Nervous ballet", S-VHS PAL, 1 min
"Everything is going to be alright", S-VHS PAL, 6 min
"Message", 1996, S-VHS PAL, 1 min
"Oh, Mama!", 1997, VHS PAL, 6 min
"Some like it without sugar", 1998, CD-ROM, 4 min.

Net projects:
Andrej Velikanov home page
Herbarium for Goethe (first prize for art project at DADANET'98, Moscow)
Superhuman music
Virtual body of God  (Grand Prix at Art on the Net 1998, Japan)