Art on the Net 1998

The Age of streaming media

"Beyond Language Barrirs"
Niels Radtke and Alexandra Jedroszkowiak (Belgium)

We confront yourselves with your biggest enemy: "the video image", the machine in it's perfection, speed, lack of perspective, color and light. The work consist in witnessing history and in communicating in the most large space.
Nostalgy situated between speed and memory.
We experiment with video to find film's own beauty, time in the image. We work on the atmosphere. Network speed is coming; we do not worry about that now, we will be ready when it's there.
We are getting back to a new kind of silent film. No effects needed, life is the most present hyperreal effect we ever can imagine and experience. Reality is science fiction. War is ready everywhere. Impress life before it impresses you.
Man becomes the random actor where only one shot is alloud. The video shows what has not been filmed; "no camera last night" The text tells the story of Nielsel being on the phone, talking with Montreal for the ISEA webcast, he talks about cameras. Dill Dyll, his girlfriend whith whom he will go to japan to make a video, thinks he's talking about the cameras they need for this purpose. Both were there, but just missed each other.
Hush hush a war is on, a war between being just too late when something happens.
That's where we raise our voice, here inside it's our game. "At the search of the time lost" ( A la recherche du temps perdu. Marcel Proust), six volumes on the subject and the title told it all. We are filters sensible to light, filming the eye wich filmes.

We want thank Kirsten Klein (Niels Radtke's mother) for being music.

With respects
Niels Radtke and Alexandra Jedroszkowiak.