Art on the Net 1998

The Age of streaming media

"Beyond Language Barrirs"
Tiia Johannson (Estonia)

I am very glad to receive a prize from Japan and I thank Machida City Museum Of Graphic Arts, ToKyo for the possibility to participate in a streaming media festival. And I also thank for "Expression Tools"and "Epson Hanbai Co. Ltd" for the wonderful prizes. I have never been outside Europe myself, but due to Internet my works have been presented in different continents. This summer I took part in "Polar2" workshop for media artists in Tornio, Lapland, where I learned about streaming media and got really attached to it.

Explanation to "Pointless Interactiveless Cowmovie "

I wanted to join something trivia, simple, rural even with hightech environment. You see cows walking on the road. We are sitting in cars and waitning for them, as they pass the road. Maybe this is a kind of metaphor of internet and internetvideo too: it (like cars) needs speed, but slow and oldfashion cows are on the road, it means that slow and old wiresystem is embracing the globe and internet is really working in cowspeed, however packages of data are flying with the speed of light. This video is metaphor to cow-speed of the internet.

Tiia Johannson