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"shoac" is an anagram of the word "chaos":
shoac was born in 1997 on the internet and has developped into shoac.com since that time.
shoac can be anything: a picture, a website, words, sounds, life, sex...
a main task of shoac.com is the transformation of shoac via a simple java-based drawing program+a text field.
Every user can transform shoac´s present existence by sending their imagination of shoac.
The results of those "interactive" pictures and texts transform the main part of shoac´s virtual identity on the net.


J. Blank, curriculum vitae :

*_born 29.08.1974 in Munich.

  • 1994: a-levels in munich, first internet experiences.
  • 1994-1995: stay in Australia and Asia.
  • 1996: start of media art studies at the academy of visual arts/Leipzig (germany).(www.hgb-leipzig.de)
  • 1997-?: start of the long-time project "Shoac" (www.shoac.com).
  • 1997: participation in project "Info-Smog".(http://www.hgb-leipzig.de/i-smog)
  • 1997: participation in project "dAHINTER" (group exhibition in public space).
  • 1997: participation in project "Niveau 541"/Innsbruck (austria) (Installation).
  • 1998: "Shoac goes offline" : interactive installation in leipzig
    (connecting real space and internet).
  • 1998: participation in project "Erstausgabe" on the occasion of "leipziger bookfair".
  • 1998: Installation "Butcher-TV-Pig" in Leipzig.
  • 1999-2000: teaching assignment for webdesign/programming at the "accademia di belli arti"/Venice.
  • 2000: participation in european media art festival/Osnabrueck (www.emaf.de)
  • 2000: Silver prize winner of "art on the net" (www.shoac.com)
    Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo.(http://art.by.arena.ne.jp)
  • 2000: participation in project "undo_LAB"/Milan. (www.undo.net)

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