Estonian student and multimedia artist Laur Tiidemann burned himself in front of Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn on 11th of  January 2001.
Laur Tiidemann studied sculpture and graduated in 1999 with online project "PERFECT FORMS IN MOTION" . The same year he continued as MFA student .Since September 2000 he was MA student in Interactive Multimedia at E-Media Center.
Laur Tiidemann was at the beginning of his promising international career as media artist, when he got expelled from Estonian Academy of Arts after first semester for the reasons not clarified till today.
He made his 2nd project "Alphabet" in Flash: . It is a short commentary to Estonian alphabet with tautological scream-like pronounication of same letters. 
In 1999 he took part in festival Media Non Grata
In May 2000 his project was shown in "Pro&Contra", Moscow in the section: zledia art. New educational modelsz║/a>. 
In October 2000 his online video zgandz×was chosen to "
Viper" quicktime competition in Basel. 
His last project  was presented at offline@online media art festival in Pärnu in November 2000. Touch-screen work zoiano was made for multimedia kiosk . You can touch eye-buttons like pianokeys creating sound. With the same project he got his first international prize posthumous in Art on the Net 2001 "Post-Cagian Interactive Sounds". So far it is known to be the highest prize an Estonian media artist ever gots[/font>