Judging/Voting Procedure

1. All artists registered with Art on the Net 2002 are requested to be part of judging process this year. The artists who fail to participate in judging/voting will automatically loose their eligibility to receive prizes regardless of scores they earn.

2. All artists must review the entries on the list and place votes during October 1-20, 2002. To vote, please email the names of 7 artists of your choice (do not include yourself) with your comments to MCMAGATK.

3. Contents of all entries (for interactive entries, the system) must not be updated between October 1, 2002, and March 31, 2003 (the last day of the exhibition). Should you need to update the entries, please contact the Art on the Net curator at MCMOGATK.

4. All artists are invited to participate in our Forum. Please visit it regularly to check opinions of other artists.

5. The use of Forum is limited to the artists registered with Art on the Net 2002 only. To keep the participation to eligible people only, please do not share the list of entries or its URL.

6. MCMOGATK holds the right to remove any comments that degrade or slander individuals, organizations, races, regions, religions, etc., from the Forum.

7. The messages in the Forum will be published in the Exhibition.

8. Calculation of votes will be completed by the end of October. The results are notified to all artists in early November. The online show of Art on the Net 2002 is scheduled to begin in mid-November.

9. If you have any questions concerning judging/voting procedures, please contact the curator at MCMAGATK by email.