1. The theme of "Art on the Net 2002" is "9.11."

2. The following artworks are not reviewed and MCMOGATK holds the right to disqualify these artworks without providing reasons.

a. Artworks that are unrelated or has a very little relation to the theme.

b. Artworks that degrade or slander individuals, organizations, races, regions, religions, etc.

c. When the number of submitted artworks exceeds the museum's capacity to handle. Any other artworks that MCMOGATK judged inappropriate for the contest.

3. Entries should be submitted by registering the URL of your artwork with MCMOGATK. Only one entry is permitted per person. A collective or a group is not eligible to apply. Please place your artwork on a server under your management. If the space on your server is not enough, you may use the museum's server. Please contact the curator for further instruction.

4. Along with the artwork, please send your short profile with your photo in HTML format. This self-introduction will be used in the reviewing process.

5. Entries are accepted from June 15, 2002, through September 20, 2002.

6. Entries must be original artwork made solely for the contest and should have never been entered in other contests. Your prize may be forfeited if it is found that your artwork has been entered in other contests.

7. You are allowed to use all available Internet technologies.

8. Contestants are responsible for the content in the artwork, i.e., you are entirely responsible for problems resulting from the use of copyrighted sounds and graphics. MCMOGATK or Art on the Net Execution Committee shall not be liable to any problem resulting from the use of such materials.

9. Contestants own the copyright of the artwork. However, MCMOGATK holds the right to print, broadcast on TV, display and include it on CD-ROM and other media with copyright credits.

10. Contestants are asked to be judges this year. You are given rights as well as obligations to view all submitted works for reviewing. The list of sites to review will be announced in late September so please review them between October 1 and October 20, 2002. You may participate in the discussions on BBS provided by MCMOGATK. Please cast your vote for the entry with a short review/comment by October 20, 2002. The details of the voting will be announced later.

11. Entries of contestants who fail to vote will disqualify. If you are unable to vote during the designated time, please contact the curator for special arrangement.

12. The following prize will be awarded to the artwork with highest points. The results will be announced in early November.

Art on the Net Grand Prix: Cash prize 200,000 yen

13. If the difference in the number of votes between the leader and the runner-up is significantly small or a multiple number of artworks won approximately the same number of votes, the prize may be shared by the winners.

14. Cases not mentioned here shall be dealt with by the Guest Director and the curator at MCMOGATK.

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