About the "Art on the Net" project

The Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo (MCMOGATK) locates on the outskirts of Tokyo megalopolis. Its collection consists of 16000 of printed artworks from western and eastern world.

The Museum is also notorious for its art festival on the Internet. It has been steering "Art on the Net," a project using the Internet as a space for artistic expression. Since 1995, this project has been calling on artists around the world to think together what the relationship between the Internet and art could be. On the seventh year in 2002, under the theme "9.11," we were able to see artists from 20countries taking part in the project. In the past seven years, technology and theme used for the project represented the changes and developments of the relationship between the art and the Internet.

The past seven exhibitions will be archived and will be shown on the april, 2004.