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    ■ John Hopkins


    As a networker with a background in engineering, hard science, and the arts, Hopkins practices a nomadic form of teaching that spans many countries and situations. He was a student of experimental film-maker Stan Brakhage at the University of Colorado in the late 1980's. His own formal teaching engagements, usually under the title "networking and creativity" have taken place in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, England, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Austria, Sweden, Russia, Lithuania, and the USA. Through an extensive personal network of dialectic human connections and sheer spontaneous presence, he is never far away from some kind of dialogue. Informal collaborative teaching/learning takes place anywhere and anytime. During the past year, he made live network-based streaming media performances in Berlin and Kiel, Germany; Winnipeg, Canada; NYC, New York; openhagen, Denmark; Helsinki, Finland; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Strasbourg, France; Linz, Austria; and Riga, Latvia among other places. With a web-presence that dates back to a few months after the establishment of the W3 and a network practice going back almost two decades, the neoscenes webspace re-presents many previous creative activities like so much dead meat. Take a tour of the slaughterhouse.
    A native of Anchorage, Alaska, Hopkins has experienced over 14 minutes of Totality under the darkened skies of Solar Eclipse. He was recently NIFCA artist-in-residence at the Sibelius Academy's Center for Music and Technology in Helsinki, Finland.


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