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    ■ Agnese Trocchi


    Agnese Trocchi is an artist, writer and videomaker based in Rome, Italy.

    She has been active since 1995 in the field of Information and Communication Technology. Her practices includes bbs, television, internet distribution, satellite broadcasting and vj sets. She has developed practical experiences with grassroots media in self-managed enclaves such as Forte Prenestino in Rome [] (the larger self-managed fortress in Europe).

    In 1999 she co-founded CandidaTV [], a small-sized cooperative of videomakers which produces spots, magazines, documentaries and fiction for terrestrial television, satellite, the internet and the telestreet network.

    She has been collaborating on projects with Francesca Da Rimini (AUS) and Diane Ludin (US). She has been part of the "Kingdom of Piracy" online exhibition with the project "Warriors of Perception" and she has been invited to exhibit her works and to relate her experiences on media research and practices at different events all around the world.

    She is also involved in managing international events [] on the issues of independent communication and projects of online video archiving and distribution such as NewGlobalVision of which she is part from 2001 [].

    Occasionally she has been writing for Mute Magazine and for other collaborative books and magazines.
    Some of her articles are available at:


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