"In an ever-changing future, what does our perspective view?" by Francisco Luis Roque(USA)
"Conversation and Other Noises at Global Zero" by Matthew Lewis(USA)
Julien Van(Taiwan, Rep. of China)
"Bodies INCorporated" by Victoria Vesna(USA)
The Virtual Reality SCCP of the University of Aizu(Japan)
Florentin Georgescu(Canada)
Tomoko Imai(USA)
Sharon Trueman (Canada)
Teruyo Maeda(Japan)
"Kinetic Living Units in Air & Water" by Tracey Matthieson(United Kingdom)
Jeff Harrington(USA)
Eric Dymond(Canada)
Susan Luciana Mayumi Honjo(Brasil)
"TIME MACHINE" by Robert Miniussi(Italy)
Rose Kreutz(Canada)
Kostya Mitenev(Russia)
Antonio Roque(USA)
Sinichi Kataoka(Japan)
Markus Roskothen(USA)
Alex Ionescu(USA)
Mark Rudolph(USA)
Kensuke Mori(Japan)
"METABOLIZER" by Petko Dourmana(Bulgaria)